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Our Why

San Antonio leads the nation when it comes to the extreme differences between our more prosperous neighborhoods and our most distressed neighborhoods. Translated, our prosperity is not at all shared among the city’s residents. “These communities look like two different countries,” said Steve Glickman, co-founder and executive director of the Economic Innovation Group. Case in point: zip code 78207 is the poorest in comparison to 78258, San Antonio’s most prosperous zip code. In 78207, nearly half of the adults didn’t have a high school diploma and nearly 60 percent of adults were not working. The unemployment rate is up and income is far below the state’s median level. The poverty rate has been unbelievably stuck at 42 percent.

The implications of this data are life-changing. If you are born in a more prosperous part of the community, you have a significantly better chance at achieving professionally and educationally. If you grow up in our more distressed neighborhoods, you are almost destined for a life in poverty. This changes, though, if you grow up poor but in a more prosperous part of the community. “Even if you are on the lower end of the economic scale in those (more prosperous) communities, you have a shot at getting out” of poverty, Glickman said. “You are likely to be with a lot of highly educated people; there are a lot of jobs, a lot of businesses, a low poverty rate.” 

We believe we can help!

Why Us?


We are intentionally focused on the advancement of black entrepreneurs and small business owners in San Antonio.


We use one of a kind, culturally sensitive training curriculum and coaching models.


Our programs are national supply chain and high-demand career focused with business models designed for sustainability and volatility (crisis-ready).


We provide each participant a complete strategic marketing plan and with guided oversight (to include social and other forms of digital media platforms).


Our development programs are CEO-focused with practical hands-on leadership development curriculum.


Post program placement assistance through area partners and placement agencies.


Young adult and college internships with focus on diversity and equity immersion.


We are both veteran and black owned/operated!


Our staff and pool of mentors is well-connected, well-traveled, highly experienced, educated, and certified across all for profit, nonprofit, small business, and religious sectors.


We have built the city’s largest pool of culturally competent and credentialed consultants, mentors, faculty, and coaches.


We provide onsite real time coaching and mentoring from a dedicated staff of business industry experts


We provide each participant three hours of legal advice and coaching on compliance and contracts (monthly).


Turnkey workspace (or virtual office)—complete with essential supplies to include a computer and printer.


Middle and high school entrepreneurship programs with focus on essential skills development.


21st century community learning center with focus on academic enrichment, life readiness, and generational capacity building.

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